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Client Testimonials

"Sarah was very good at getting me to chat when I thought I had nothing to talk about, I thought she actually did care and it was not just a job"

"Sarah made me feel comfortable just like talking to a good friend."

"Thank you Sarah for just being there."

"Sarah was very professional yet friendly in her approach. I found her counselling helpful and constructive"

"I would recommend Sarah to friends, should they feel in need of counselling. I would also go back to Sarah if I felt the need.  She was excellent"

Andy M

" Sarah was highly professional and helped me greatly to overcome my lack

of assertiveness, especially in the area of my relationship with my wife.

She was also very friendly and enabled me to quickly relax and 'open up'

about how I was feeling.

Should I ever feel in need of further help, I would certainly not 

hesitate to get back in touch with Sarah."

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